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General Questions:
Q. Are you a Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) certified registrar?
A. Yes, W3 Registry is a CIRA certified registrar.
Q. Do you offer web hosting?
A. Yes we do. Please visit us at www.w3media.net for all of your hosting needs.
Q. What payment methods do you accept?
W3Registry's online registration system will accept the following credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.
If you would like to register a domain by cheque or money order, please contact us at 604.871.9899 /1.800.81WORLD or email to order.
In person at our offices, we accept: cash, debit, major credit cards, cheques, bank drafts and money orders.
Domain Registration:
Q. How many years can you register a domain for?
A. You can register a domain from 1 year to 10 years at a time. You can also renew a domain from 1 to 10 years at a time.
Q. What information is required when registering a domain name online?
A. You will need to provide a name, mailing address, and a valid e-mail address and payment with a major credit card.
Q. Who can register a .ca domain name?
A. To register a dot-ca domain name, an applicant must satisfy the Canadian Presence Requirements (CPR) for registrants.
Q. How long does it take after I have registered a domain name for it to become active?
A. It takes about 24 hours for the domain name to become active after it has been registered.
Q. What are top level domains that W3 Registry offers?
A. W3 Registry can register and renew: .com .net .org .ca .info .biz .cc .co.uk .org.uk .tv domains.
The following can be registered through our online interface on www.w3registry.com:

Please contact us at 604.871.9899, 1.800.81WORLD or email to register the following domains:
Q. I have registered a domain name and I now don't want it. Can I get a refund for the domain name?
A. Domain name registrations and renewals are non-refundable.
Domain Renewal, Transfer and Forwarding:
Q. How do I renew my domain name?
A. Please contact us at 604.871.9899, 1 800.81WORLD or and we will be happy to renew your domain name for you.
Q. If I have forgotten to renew my domain name how long do I have before it is released to the public?
A. Your domain name can be renewed up to 30 days after it has expired. After this time, it goes in to a 40 day administrative lock period and then deleted from records, and released to the public.
Q. Do you do domain forwarding or parking?
A. Yes, we do domain forwarding (also known as 'domain parking'). There is a small yearly charge for the service.
Q. I tried to transfer my domain to W3 Registry and I was declined. Why?
A. This can occur as a result of one of the following:
  • Domain is less than 60 days old.
  • Your domain may already be expired by the time you requested the transfer. You need to renew your domain with your current registrar before we can proceed with its transfer.
  • Existing registrar has the name locked for either non-payment or at the end user's request. Requesting party needs to contact current registrar to resolve this.
  • Domain name is in dispute.
  • The name has been deleted from the registry.
  • The admin contact did not respond to transfer request in time.
Q. Do I get notifications when my domain comes up for renewal?
A. Yes, your Administrative contact will receive email notifications at various intervals prior to expiry.
For .ca domains, an email will be sent to your administrative contact 7 days before the expiry date.
For all other domains, a renewal reminder email will be sent to the administrative contact and the billing contact (if different from admin contact) at 60 days, 30 days, and 5 days before expiry.
Domain Management:
Q. I forgot my user name and password. How do I retrieve them?
A. Simply e-mail a request to with your domain name and we will e-mail the username and password to the administrative contact.
Q. I forgot my user name and password and my administrative e-mail address has changed. How can I update my administrative e-mail?
A. You will have to Fax a signed letter to 1-416-531-5584. The letter must include the domain name, the new admin e-mail address, and a copy of your signed photo ID. This procedure applies to all domains except .ca. If the domain is a .ca please call us at 604.871.9899 or email and we will gladly assist you.
Q. Can I change my username and password?
A. Yes, for all domains with the exception of ".ca" domains. Under "Manage Domain" Section on www.w3registry.com, click on Users/Profile. In the "Profile Management" Screen, click on "Change Password".
Q. I've changed hosting provider. How do I change the name servers on my domain?
A. You can manage your domain online here at www.w3registry.com. Click on the "Manage Domain" link in our menu. You will be asked for your username and password for the domain. Once logged in, click on "Name Servers" link. Remove the old name servers first before entering the new name servers.
Q. How do I change admin, billing or technical contact information for my domain?
On www.w3registry.com, click on "Manage Domain". You will be asked for your username and password for the domain. Once logged in, you will find links on the left hand side of the screen for you to change any of domain contact information.
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